Why Choose Pastel?

Pastel is made of pure pigment (color) that is ground into a dry powder, added to a binder, and rolled into stick form or pencil form. This means that the colors are as vibrant as in any other media.
Lends itself to a soft look and feel, therefore, makes a great choice for children’s portraits.
May be stylized to look more like a drawing, more like a painting, or a mix of both.
Framed and under glass, this medium will last for hundreds of years! How do we know? Because 19th century pastel drawings and paintings are still vibrant!
Versatile enough to mix with other media, such as watercolor, charcoal, and acrylic grounds. These combinations make very exciting textures and effects.

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Acrylic is an under appreciated paint medium that is versatile, offers a short drying time and is great for beginners.
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Oil might be the most advanced medium used for painting due to its rich texture and long drying time.
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