I want to commission a piece of artwork. Where do I begin?

Contact Shawn Krise to schedule a private consultation to determine your portrait specifications and cost.

How much does custom artwork usually cost?

Because each portrait is unique (reference photos, canvas size, media choices and media) pricing varies. Request a quote by contacting the artist.

How long does it take to order and have a portrait delivered?

The timetable for portrait commissions will also be determined upon order of your specific portrait.

May I use more than 1 photo as reference? I have one that’s good of my daughter and a different photo of my son, but would like a portrait of them together.

Yes, you may use more than one photo for Shawn to work from. Shawn is accustomed to “cutting and pasting” various components to create a final composition that will be exactly what the client wants. Also, there is the option of having Shawn take new photos to work from.

When do I pay for my artwork?

Upon ordering you will be asked to pay 50% of the sale price as a holder fee, then the balance due will be paid upon delivery of your portrait.

What if I’m not satisfied with my portrait?

If for any reason you are not totally satisfied, your 50% holder fee will be reimbursed. Shawn has always worked on a SATISFACTION GUARANTEED basis.