Art Lessons for All Ages, Any Medium!

Private and semi-private instruction is available and may be scheduled any time throughout the year. To schedule contact Shawn.
Painting Student at Centennial Art Center

NEW Winter/Spring Art Classes In Nashville!

Winter/Spring art classes, art lessons and painting groups in Nashville from veteran art teacher and artist Shawn Krise. For more information, contact Shawn.

ACRYLIC PAINTING CLASS – THU 6pm – 9pm, Feb. 9 – Apr. 6, 2017

This class is for beginners or intermediate students who need a more comprehensive understanding of all that should be considered when planning a painting. Includes such components as composition design, value studies for better 3-dimensional form, color theory, paint mixing, and brush handling.
LOCATION: Watkins College of Art Community Education
Registration will open in January 2017

DRAWING & PAINTING CLASS – WED 6pm – 9pm, Jan. 25 – Mar. 29

This class is for intermediate & advanced students who need more focused attention to getting correct proportion, perspective & placement in their painting. Color theory, paint mixing, brush handling, mixing mediums, and compositional design also discussed throughout.
LOCATION: Centennial Art Center
Registration for Winter/Spring visual art classes begins on Monday, January 9, 2017 from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. online. CLASSES FILL QUICKLY, so don’t delay!!!


Intro to Pastels – 3 dates: April 1, April 8, and May 20

Drawing Methods for the Painter – 3 dates: March 25, April 22, and June 3


Student Artwork

Check out some samples of student artwork from past art classes.


“Always punctual, always prepared, her art classes and workshops were always filled because students knew they were going to learn in her classes.” – Kathee Claiborne, The Attic School of Art

“Shawn was instrumental in my own artistic growth as she gave constructive guidance and criticism when asked. She was able to speak to my creative approach and encouraged me to continue my own artistic voice while learning and developing within a new medium.” –Deborah Gall, Abide Studio, Franklin, Tn.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your class, I have learned so much in just a few weeks, I hope to continue in the future.” -Jes Mercer-Monnig/ Watkins College of Art & Design

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